Rodeo Bull (Bucking Bronco) and Rodeo Reindeer               Rodeo Surf Board for hire in Blackpool,                                                                                   Lancashire and NW England   



'Shaun The Sheep'

                       Our ride-on Sheep has a wool textured body
                       and makes a fun addition to any party.




Rodeo Bull, bucking bronco, for hire for parties in Blackpool, Lancashire and NW England Rodeo Bull (Bucking Bronco)

      The Rodeo Bull, also known as a Bucking Bronco, is fantastic fun for persons of 10 years of age and over. It spins, it bucks, and it has a large surrounding inflatable for your safety.The ride can be enjoyed by novices and professionals alike




       Tornado Sweeper  (Last One Standing)

          Our Tornado sweeper arm game is a highly competitive                        fun filled multi action game,designed for 4, 6 or 8 players. Go head to head, jumping over or ducking under the rotating padded arm, if you are not quick enough and the arm hits you, you are out of the game..Can you stay on the longest.!!.


 Rodeo Reindeer                                                           

There are no better Christmas ideas, Xmas party ideas and Christmas party ideas than having a bucking reindeer or rodeo reindeer at all Christmas parties. .





Football Attachment                                                     

     Our giant Football is ideal for any sports themed events or parties                       





     Our Pumpkin attachment will liven up any event,
          it also lights up to add to the spooky fun.!


Rodeo Surf Board                                                    

The Rodeo Surf Board has all the features of the Rodeo Bull.             

 The only difference is, is that the bull is

replaced with a surf board.Rodeo Surf Board

Other novelty rides will be available soon.




See also the option of giant games and inflatable fun!


     We provide  public liability insurance cover and have a 100% safety record of which we are very proud.

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